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The CougarCard, helping parents

You'll like the CougarCard and Cougar CASH because it's easy, convenient, it makes good financial sense, and it keeps you connected to your student's WSU experience.

With the CougarCard and Cougar CASH you can:

  • Accurately budget to meet your student's estimated expenses.
  • Set up a deposit schedule to better manage your student's money.
  • Feel comfortable knowing that your student can only spend locally, on and off campus.
  • Know precisely where your money is going.
  • Stay connected to your student by following the latest campus happenings.

Depositing into Cougar CASH is easy - Deposit Today!

Use the handy chart below to figure out how much to deposit into your Student's Cougar CASH account.

Common Semester Expenses
The Bookie (Textbooks, Snacks, Logo Apparel & School Supplies) $50
Photocopies & Network Printing $5
Vending $15
Snacks & Personal Supplies $20
On-campus Dining & Delivery $60
Misc. (Gifts, Cards, Concert Tickets, Parking, Postage, Laptop rental, Prescriptions, Golf, and more!) $35